Use Tigres on NERSC Resources

For NERSC users, Tigres is readily available on NERSC resources. Tigres is installed as a customized module on the NERSC supercomputers Edison and Cori. Follow the steps below to use Tigres on command line or in a batch job script. The instructions below were captured on Edison but they are also applicable for use on Cori:

  1. Load Python and add the Tigres module to your module path:

    username@edison08:~> module load python
    username@edison08:~> module use /global/common/$NERSC_HOST/contrib/tigres/modulefiles

  2. Load the Tigres module and test that the load has been successful by testing theĀ tigres-log utility:

    username@edison08:~> module load tigres
    username@edison08:~> tigres-log
    usage: tigres-log [-h] [-b] [-v] {times,check,query,graph} ...
    tigres-log: error: too few arguments